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Cannon Beach (1) - Haystack Rocks

Aprill 2011, my husband and I drove to Cannon Beach, OR from Puyallup, WA. We took Sonny, our Westie dog, along. He was pretty much sleep in the back seat during the trip. We stopped a couple times to stretch our legs. This is our first time visit to Cannon Beach (and even Oregon state for me).

We stayed in a vacation rental home, with a view to the beach and haystack rocks. We (including Sonny) also walked a lot in the beach, morning and afternoon. The haystack rocks are really interesting scenery. I took a lot of pictures from different angle and distance. Sonny somehow behaved well, always willing to wait for me to take pictures. He's usually a bit stubborn, and he was still lack of training at that time.

When the tide is very low, Sonny and I walked to the tide pool, so close to the haystack rock. I saw (and of course took pictures) a lot of sea creatures in the pool. Sonny didn't mind at all to step in the water and got his feet wet. Maybe he's also wondering what kind of creatures in the pool.

So far I managed to create 2 paintings of haystack rocks.

Travel picture:

Painting pictures:

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