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Cannon Beach (2) - Walking in the beach

My dog, Sonny, is a beach lover. He does not care whether the weather is rainy, windy and cold. He still loves walking in the beach.

During my trip to Cannon Beach, we stayed in vacation rental in Hemlock street. Easy access to the beach. Has view to the haystack rocks.

I walked in the beach with Sonny several times a day. Sometimes we just got back and was resting, and a few minutes later, Sonny kept jumping on me, sniffing my walking shoes, giving all signs that he wanted to take a walk again......

Once, we found a stream going to ocean. It's shallow but at first I thought that Sonny would be afraid of the water. End up he didn't mind at all, walked across this stream happily :-) and we continued exploring the beach.

This inspired me to make a painting of this experience. I imagined it's my husband taking the dog walking in the beach where there is a water stream reaching the ocean. Of course I change the scenery a little bit here and there, .e.g. Sonny is a white dog, but the dog in my painting is black... :-)

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