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DIY Jewelry Display From Chicken Wire

I have very limited jewelry display. I only have a few for individual display which I always use when taking jewelry picture for online store listing. I don't want to spend too much money (yet) to buy a lot jewelry display, as I don't have physical store, and I have not joined any art/craft event or trade show yet. I plan to join in the future. But I need to get a lot of stuffs for the events. I have limited budget and limited spare time. I started thinking to make it by myself little by little, whenever possible.

I found some idea online that people made jewelry display from blank frame, attach some strings horizontally on the frame, and hang the earrings there. Somehow I am not that interested with the idea.

I kept looking around, not only for idea for jewelry display. But also for other topics such as craft room idea, outdoor living, outdoor kitchen, etc, anything that makes me interested. I found a tip on how to make private screen for backyard. It is made from chicken wire and frame it along the edges. Then I got the idea. I can use chicken wire and frame it to make jewelry display. And suddenly I saw the same thing in the craft store nearby. It's a small photo frame (about 8x11 in or 11x14 in) with chicken wire. I want a big one. Not that small.

I have a piece of wood (particle board) in the garage that is not used for anything. My husband helped me and showed me how to use the saw. I cut the wood to make frame. Paint it white. Cut the chicken wire and put inside the frame. And here it is. Big jewelry display !! I can use it vertically or horizontally. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with the result.

Outer dimension 33.5x17 in.

Inner dimension: 27.5x11 in.

Frame width: 3 in.

Image 1: Working in progress

Image 2: Finished product

Image 3: Try out to display some earrings

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