Winter Photography


I love winter. I hate winter. I cannot decide whether I love or hate winter. Maybe I should say, there are something I love about winter, and there are something else that I hate about winter.

As I came from tropical country before I moved here in Washington state, winter is a wonderful experience. I love the scenery when snow just covers all the surrounding. All looks so white and pure. That's the time that I usually try to take pictures. But sometimes we got Artic blast. Everything turned to ice. Including the trees, flowers, and grass. It's also a fun time to take pictures, because it creates 'nature' sculpture arts. 

Besides the fun part, there is always the negative part. It is so cold, sometimes difficult to go anywhere especially when everything is icy. And when I go to work during the bad weather, always worry whether I can go home by the end of the day or stuck anywhere. When power goes out, feel so depressed.

Lucky it's not always everyday like that.

So enjoy this collection of winter scenery that I managed to capture.

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