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New blog topic: Travel Inspired Painting

I decided to create a new thread of blog called: Travel Inspired Painting.

I love traveling, I love taking pictures of the travel, and I love making painting based on travel pictures :-). Not necessary to copy exactly from the picture. But it represents what I like from that place.

So here I am creating a new blog thread talking about 'travel inspired paintings'. Most of them are beautiful landscape/scenery of places that I visited.

I don't do the painting immediately after coming back from traveling. Though I often have ideas what I am gonna paint as soon as the travel ends, or even when taking the pictures.

I will start soon with the place nearby, Ocean Shores, WA. See in my next post in this thread.

Sample of travel/reference picture:

Sample of travel/reference picture

Painting made based on the above picture:

Painting made based on the picture above

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