Craft room organizer (3) - DIY tall storage box

I recently made a DIY jewelry display from wood and chicken wire. I plan to use it if I join a craft event. Till that happen, I need to store it somewhere. Then I have difficulties to find a good box to store it. End up I just place it stands against the wall. Then I realized that I still have leftover particle board in the garage after making this jewelry display. Immediately I jumped to another DIY project. This time to make a tall box to store this jewelry display and also some other stuffs such as unused shipping boxes, camera tripod, standing painting easel, fabric, etc. All the stuffs that tall and need sturdy box to store them. I cut the wood, paint it white, and put them together to

Craft room organizer (2) - Ready made

While I'm still having a lot of used stuffs as storage (old jars/boxes), I eventually bought some ready made storage organizers. One of my favorite is drawers with wheel. Perfect size to place inside my closet. I bought 2 of this kind of drawer from craft store nearby when they have it on big sale. Easy to install, light weight, and portable. I do like light weight stuffs in my studio. I often rearrange my studio for many reasons. Sometimes because I just got more stuffs, sometimes just because I feel bored with the current arrangement :-) I labeled the drawer to make easier to search for certain thing.

Craft room organizer (1) - use old jars/boxes

I convert one of our spare bedroom to craft room/art studio. There is nothing special in this bedroom. It's just the smallest bedroom in our house, and it's only two of us, me and my husband, living in this house. I re-purpose some of furniture to be used in my studio. Small outdoor dining table, night stands, bookshelves, chairs, table lights... Until I can afford to buy the better stuffs and replace these things. As my material stocks are growing, as well as my arts and crafts, I need more space and/or storage. Unfortunately the room is not growing bigger :-) So I need to re-organize my stuffs. I need boxes, storage, shelves.... I try to use the closet as storage. But the closet only have

DIY Jewelry Display From Chicken Wire

I have very limited jewelry display. I only have a few for individual display which I always use when taking jewelry picture for online store listing. I don't want to spend too much money (yet) to buy a lot jewelry display, as I don't have physical store, and I have not joined any art/craft event or trade show yet. I plan to join in the future. But I need to get a lot of stuffs for the events. I have limited budget and limited spare time. I started thinking to make it by myself little by little, whenever possible. I found some idea online that people made jewelry display from blank frame, attach some strings horizontally on the frame, and hang the earrings there. Somehow I am not that intere

Photo Studio Light Tent Set

I wrote about DIY light box earlier. The DIY light box dimension is 12 in (width) x 11 in (depth) x 12 in (height). It does help me to take small items picture better especially during the evening or when lack of the natural light. I use it mostly for my handmade jewelry and small/mini paintings that I made. But then I still have problem taking picture of the larger objects. So I decided to search online the ready made light box with some accessories that could enhance the photo image. Here what I found and bought: large size photo studio shooting tent 24x24in, which includes 4 backdrops in different colors (white, red, blue, black) a set of 2 table top photo studio lighting kit, which inc

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