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Photo Studio Light Tent Set

I wrote about DIY light box earlier. The DIY light box dimension is 12 in (width) x 11 in (depth) x 12 in (height). It does help me to take small items picture better especially during the evening or when lack of the natural light. I use it mostly for my handmade jewelry and small/mini paintings that I made. But then I still have problem taking picture of the larger objects. So I decided to search online the ready made light box with some accessories that could enhance the photo image.

Here what I found and bought:

  • large size photo studio shooting tent 24x24in, which includes 4 backdrops in different colors (white, red, blue, black)

  • a set of 2 table top photo studio lighting kit, which include energy saving light bulb and tripod.

  • 2 acrylic reflective riser display table (1 black and 1 white).

As the shooting tent is big, I have to open my 6 foot portable/folding craft table, so I have enough space to put the photo studio lighting in each side. Still more space to put all the jewelry props next to the tent. I often use the props when taking jewelry pictures. By putting them next to the tent, it makes easier for me to move the prop back and forth inside/outside the tent as needed.

When not used, the tent can be folded easily to save the space. I tend to let it stand on the craft table and be ready all the time to take pictures.

Regarding the backdrops, I often use black or white. I haven't used the read and blue yet. Maybe next time when I find the proper object which looks good with red or blue background.

Image 1: Light tent with lighting and jewelry props on the side

Light box set and jewelry props

Image 2: Acrylic Reflective Riser Display Table

Acrylic Reflective Riser Display Table

Image 3: Backdrops in 4 different color

Backdrops in 4 different colors

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