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Craft room organizer (5) - Plier storage

I was used to store my jewelry pliers in the drawer. It looks neat when they are not used and stored there. When I need them, I just grab them from the drawer and put on the craft table.

Then that's the problem occurs sometimes. Cuz I have a lot of them, and when busy making the jewelry, I have a lot of stuffs on top of the tables, and the pliers could be buried underneath those stuffs.

I know there is ready-made plier storage for sale. Some people use the pegboard. It looks so nice and organized. But I kept trying to find another 'cheap' way.

I sometimes act like a hoarder. Collecting stuffs and keeping them, wishing someday I can make use of them. I did with packaging boxes, empty jars/bottles. I used egg carton box for gardening.

This year, I don't want to do any gardening. So when I saw the empty egg carton box, my brain was working to find an idea, what can I do with this. I flipped the box upside down, and suddenly imagining all my pliers stand up inside this egg carton box. Yes! I will use it to store my pliers and put it on top of my craft table. So it will be easy to grab it when I need it.

I might need to cover the side with other box to make it look nicer. But for the time being, just use as is.

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