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Craft room organizer (1) - use old jars/boxes

I convert one of our spare bedroom to craft room/art studio. There is nothing special in this bedroom. It's just the smallest bedroom in our house, and it's only two of us, me and my husband, living in this house. I re-purpose some of furniture to be used in my studio. Small outdoor dining table, night stands, bookshelves, chairs, table lights... Until I can afford to buy the better stuffs and replace these things.

As my material stocks are growing, as well as my arts and crafts, I need more space and/or storage. Unfortunately the room is not growing bigger :-)

So I need to re-organize my stuffs. I need boxes, storage, shelves....

I try to use the closet as storage. But the closet only have one long shelves, and below that there is a rod to hang clothes. Of course, this is originally a bedroom. The complete set of closet organizer is expensive. Plus need boxes to store and separate the items.

So I start with whatever I have at that time:

  • empty bottles/jars/boxes (spaghetti jars, jelly jars, peanut butter jars, cream cheese packaging, etc, even small skin care jars) , mostly used to store:

  • paint brushes

  • jewelry beads/materials

  • boxes from delivery packages, mostly used to store:

  • jars containing jewelry beads/materials

  • new/unused canvas or finished unframed paintings

  • bookshelf

  • Instead of installing closet organizer, I put the bookshelf inside, and organize the boxes and stuffs in the bookshelf.

I'm still far from having a perfect craft room. I know I have to do this piece by piece. Though it's not perfect, at least it's not clutter. That way I have room to work and move around.

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