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Craft room organizer (3) - DIY tall storage box

I recently made a DIY jewelry display from wood and chicken wire. I plan to use it if I join a craft event. Till that happen, I need to store it somewhere. Then I have difficulties to find a good box to store it. End up I just place it stands against the wall.

Then I realized that I still have leftover particle board in the garage after making this jewelry display. Immediately I jumped to another DIY project. This time to make a tall box to store this jewelry display and also some other stuffs such as unused shipping boxes, camera tripod, standing painting easel, fabric, etc. All the stuffs that tall and need sturdy box to store them.

I cut the wood, paint it white, and put them together to make a box.

The final dimensions is 27 in (width) x 11 in (depth) x 23 in (height).

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