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Light Box

As a full-time office worker, it's sometimes difficult for me to find a time to take picture of my products (art painting or handmade jewelry) during the day. I often take picture during the night. Usually I was not that pleased with the result. Then I heard about the light box. At first I thought it would be expensive to buy, or difficult to make by your own. Then I searched online, found out a lot of info in Pinterest. I pinned many of them, and finally choose 2 ideas.

One of the idea is to make it from the box, just cut it on the side, and attach white paper. I followed this idea, and managed to make it by my own. It's easy... I'm really happy. I took the picture, shown below.

Then another pinned idea is about the instruction on how to use it with 1,2 or 3 light source (on one side, two side, and/or top). And also adjust the white balance in digital camera.

That works really well. Now I can take the picture in the evening. Much better than before. !!

Thank you Pinterest. And thank you for people who shared these info in Pinterest.

Dimension : 12 in (width) x 11 in (depth) x 12 in (height)

Light Box

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