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My first craft event

It's been a couple year I was thinking about joining an art or craft event nearby. I visited the art/carft events, and tried to get idea what I need to prepare. I contacted the event organizers to find out what the requirements, how it works, etc. I explored the internet . And I realized that I had nothing. completely nothing but art/craft items that I make. I didn't have display for my jewelry and art paintings/photography. I didn't have equipment for accepting cash or card payment. I didn't event have portable table for the event. Really I got nothing. So I need to buy those stuffs.. Need to setup account for card payment.. Need this.. need that.. And of course need money to get all the stuffs.. It's overwhelming!! It even discouraged me to start.

Finally I decided to prepare piece by piece. I found an article which is really helpful for a first time/beginner in art and craft event. It provides the checklist for what will be needed. That's wonderful !! It help me to plan and prioritize what I need to do first.

The first thing that I bought is a 6 ft folding table. Then the table cloth.

After that, I made earrings display from chicken wire (frame it). And bought a few jewelry displays for necklaces. Eventually I bought more jewelry displays and earring cards.

I setup PayPal Here and then Square apps for accepting payments. Get the free magnetic card reader (swipe) from both.

I think I'm ready for a small event. So when a craft event/flea market nearby was scheduled in near future, I immediately registered. They provided 8 ft table, and it's only a day in the weekend from 9am to 3pm. So it's even easier for a beginner like me (especially that I have full-time office job, and I do art/craft on my spare time only).

I bought all other stuffs that i need: cash box,table cloth, more jewelry display. For art paintings/photography, I just used a tiered file holder to display small/medium paintings (watercolor paintings with mat, and oil paintings on canvas panel). I used small wooden easels to display mini paintings. I wrapped all the paintings and photography with plastic bag.

Learning from the various articles in internet, I got some wooden crates, and used that to pack/store all my items, and also used some of them for display.

I practice at home to set up the displays on my craft table. That helped me to set up quickly in the real event.

I only got a few sales for this event, but a lot of people stopped by to view my stuffs. I just realized that it's more a flea market where people are looking for cheap stuffs. But I didn't regret to join this event. Because I got a great and wonderful experiences. I learned how to prepare and set up. I learned how to accept card payments with Square. I learned what items people like. I learned what else I need to get to improve. This is my first ever event. And I get more self-confidence to do it again with better preparation.

Never stop learning and improving !!!

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