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Craft room organizer (4) - Closet shelving

I was planning to either buy or make a craft table. While searching for idea and then visit the hardware store, suddenly my eyes caught closet organizer stuffs. Suddenly I remember that I still need more storage organizer. Currently still have a night stand inside my closet (in the corner) to use as a storage, and on top of it, I stack some organizer boxes on top of each other.

Whenever I need something in the middle of the box, I have to remove all the boxes on top of it first. It's annoying. So instead of craft table, I decided to build closet shelving. Just in one corner of the closet.

I don't want to buy the package. I just bought 2 tracks, 3 shelves, and 6 shelf brackets (and of course the screws..).

Image 1: preparation

Image 2: finished shelves and now is used to store the boxes.

I am thinking to install another one in the opposite corner of the closet.

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