Cannon Beach (1) - Haystack Rocks

Aprill 2011, my husband and I drove to Cannon Beach, OR from Puyallup, WA. We took Sonny, our Westie dog, along. He was pretty much sleep in the back seat during the trip. We stopped a couple times to stretch our legs. This is our first time visit to Cannon Beach (and even Oregon state for me). We stayed in a vacation rental home, with a view to the beach and haystack rocks. We (including Sonny) also walked a lot in the beach, morning and afternoon. The haystack rocks are really interesting scenery. I took a lot of pictures from different angle and distance. Sonny somehow behaved well, always willing to wait for me to take pictures. He's usually a bit stubborn, and he was still lack of trai

Jump rings opener

I recently posted a blog regarding pliers to open and/or jump rings. Even I often use pliers (especially flat nose pliers to open and close jump rings), sometimes I got my hands so tired to hold the pliers. I have carpal tunnel symptoms as well as arthritis. So it's hard for me to hold something in my hand for long. Lucky I found another tool, The Bead Smith Tools: jump ring opener. Slip the tool onto you finger, then use the other hand with plier to place the jump ring into the slot which is match ed to your jump ring (there 4 different sizes of slots available). And then twist the jump ring to open or close it. For me, this is really helpful especially for very small size jump rings.

Ocean Shores, WA (1) - Sunset and Log

I moved from Indonesia to US in year 2006. My first 'vacation' here in US is the trip to Ocean Shores. Not far, just about 2 1/2 hours drive from where we lived. Went there with my husband. It's very different from tropical beach. It's windy, it's cold, and not safe to play in the water. I wore jacket/coat :-) Anyway, it was sunny and beautiful. We stayed at a timeshare condo. We walked along the beach during the day, saw a lot of driftwood/logs laying on the beach. In the evening we enjoyed the sunset view.. . I took a lot of pictures. Several years after that, I digged the pictures out and made them as a reference for my oil paintings. Sunset in Ocean Shore: Log in the beach:

New blog topic: Travel Inspired Painting

I decided to create a new thread of blog called: Travel Inspired Painting. I love traveling, I love taking pictures of the travel, and I love making painting based on travel pictures :-). Not necessary to copy exactly from the picture. But it represents what I like from that place. So here I am creating a new blog thread talking about 'travel inspired paintings'. Most of them are beautiful landscape/scenery of places that I visited. I don't do the painting immediately after coming back from traveling. Though I often have ideas what I am gonna paint as soon as the travel ends, or even when taking the pictures. I will start soon with the place nearby, Ocean Shores, WA. See in my next post

Pliers to open and close jump rings

In the beginning, I only have a very few pliers. When I need to open and/or close jump rings, I used chain nose pliers as that's the only option that I have. Sometimes I found it's a bit difficult to hold the jump rings with this pliers, especially for bigger size of jump rings. Eventually, I bought more and more pliers in different types and sizes. I found out that using flat nose pliers is much easier to open and close big jump rings, while chain nose pliers are great when working with small size jump rings. It's also much easier if both pliers are of the same type and size.

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